Cocoon your skin in silk with Odile Paris

Are you looking for a protective face mask that not only feels luxurious but offers skincare benefits too? We thought so. That’s why Odile Paris have created their OR, toucher de soie - The Pure Silk Face Mask.

Made from 100% pure silk, this mask is adorned with exquisite cotton embroidery that embodies Odile's signature artistic pattern. Designed to help alleviate the effects of maskne, this two-way silk mask hydrates skin whilst also strengthening the skin barrier. Hypoallergenic and non-irritating, the OR, toucher de soie is £45 and available in three colours; ivory, blue or green.

It’s not only the OR, toucher de soie that harnesses the beneficial properties of silk. The OR, je suis - Anti-Wrinkle Serum Par Excellence is formulated with Hydrolyzed Silk Proteins to plump skin, improve dermal elasticity and firmness, and form a barrier of hydration to keep moisture within the layers of the skin. OR, je suis also includes Oat Kernel Extract which is anti-inflammatory and packed with amino acids to soothe, hydrate, and firm, as well as Wheat Germ Extract to improve the skin's elasticity and protect it from the effects of ageing. Ultimately, skin will appear smooth, radiant, supple, and soft.

The perfect dynamic duo to wrap skin up in a veil of silk comfort.

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