Introducing Odile Paris. Where less is more when it comes to achieving effortless beauty.

Simplicity is the key for Odile Paris. Products are easy and pleasurable to use, with proven efficacy yet they are gentle on the skin. Every product is designed to provide the ultimate sensual and tactile pleasure that turns a beauty routine into a precious moment of indulgence and wellbeing.

Odile Paris believe in a ‘less is more’ vision of beauty – keeping a youthful look should not be complicated. An ‘effortless beauty’ is the new absolute luxury.

The brand is the legacy of celebrated Parisian facialist, Odile Lecoin, who developed Odile Paris to create a simple to use at home routine that delivers the results of the famous salon treatments. The OR range – OR means ‘gold’ in French – is so named to reflect the supreme quality and purity of the ingredients and the radiance they bestow on the precious complexion, a gift that must be carefully preserved in order to maintain skin's vital glow.

The products use highly concentrated, advanced botanical ingredients to create lightweight formulas that deliver proven results and are suitable for all skin types. Designed for today’s woman, regardless of her age or skin type, Odile Paris’ ultimate goal is to improve the skin’s natural defences and restore radiance for a balanced, firm and bright complexion.

Odile Paris is your complete skincare line-up offering luxuriously milky cleansers, efficacious anti-ageing treatments and wonderfully nourishing creams. Shop the range now. 

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