Harness the power of Vitamin C with the OR, j’eclaircis - Extreme C Complex Booster

Vitamin C is the latest active ingredient to rise in popularity in the beauty world. But what benefits does Vitamin C provide in skincare?  From protecting against free radical damage and brightening & evening skin tone, incorporating a Vitamin C focused product into your skincare routine has also been shown to promote collagen production and reduce the appearance of pigmentation.

The Odile Paris OR, j’eclaircis is a Vitamin C booster serum treatment that provides the ultimate skin rejuvenation in just 21 days by using patented high technology with proven superior antioxidative strength. Thanks to Odile’s breakthrough technology to concentrate and stabilise pure Ascorbic Acid in crystallized form, mixing the Instant Activation Liquid with a dose of 78.57% High Active Vitamin C ensures the serum is freshly activated to its maximum potency. The dose of 78.57% Ascorbic Acid is close in composition to natural Vitamin C and it provides superior antioxidative protection, as well as treating all signs of ageing including reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The OR, j’éclaircis is clinically proven after 21 days to reduce wrinkle depth by 24% and improve skin elasticity by 20%. After 21 days 91% of consumers tested agreed that the OR, j'eclaircis gave them firmer looking skin with a more even skin tone and radiant complexion. So don’t delay and shop the OR, j’eclaircis now.

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